The world has many saviours

President Trump is Q’s chosen Frontman

Strategic action plan unfolded

Accomplished in first year in office 

The Asian Capitulation

Unity gives Power


Dimensions of Consciousness

Too many people still live in today’s third ‘Dimensional Reality’, which is not actually real. 3D “reality” is a consciousness trap. Who and what we really are has been hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true form. Secret societies have been keeping us trapped and attempting to stop us from remembering who we really are. If people do not see the past accurately and aren’t living in the present moment, then they are being trapped in an illusion that is untrue and misleading. But the Great Awakening has begun, and people are now becoming more conscious and aware of the deception and manipulation that has been going on in the world, and waking up to their divine nature.


Most people are still living in the third dimension. They have been programmed and mind controlled to accept incremental loss of their freedom and prosperity. The fake Coronavirus pandemic is leading up to total medical martial law, with forced weaponised vaccinations, designed for imminent disablement and ultimate mass culling.


Vaccines are known to be lethal. In 2017, Italian researchers reviewed the ingredients of 44 different types of vaccines. They found heavy metal debris and biological contamination in every human vaccine they tested. The researchers stated, “The quantity of foreign bodies detected and, in some cases, their unusual chemical compositions baffled us.” They then concluded that because the micro- and nano-contaminants were “neither biocompatible nor biodegradable,” they were “bio-persistent,” meaning that they could cause inflammatory effects right away, or later. Aborted fetal tissue, animal tissue, aluminium, mercury, genetically altered materials, and much else, were found in all of these vaccines!


Whatever the ingredients of vaccines have been to date, nothing is more bizarre than the proposals of what might be included in this coronavirus vaccine. “COVID” stands for “Corona Vaccination Digital Identity.” This plan has been well-funded and incorporates the use of nanotechnology that interfaces with the brain and is a digital identity tracking device. There is technology with an expiration date that can be managed and turned off remotely via 5G. Please watch this English/Spanish video from a medical doctor and author who explains the details and consequences for humanity. In this short video, Dr. Vernon Coleman describes after taking a mandated vaccination, how easily you can be transformed from human being into a robot, whereas the end of your life is determined by the Deep State cabal.

One report indicates that a tech company in Denmark has been funded to make an injectable chip compatible with universal payment systems. Adults need to fight for children’s right to natural health, free from the horrendous corruption and tyranny of the FDA, CDC, and Big Pharma. It is insanity to make vaccines mandatory, because they have little to no truthful safety evidence and plenty of evidence of intentional harm.


As Big Pharma will be exempt from COVID-19 vaccine liability claims, a major red flag is being raised about how governments are allowing Big Pharma to rush experimental vaccines, with no legal recourse if something goes terribly wrong. 


This is all part of the Deep State’s occult ritual for re-enslavement, to disempower self-determination and ridicule humanity to losing more of their freedom step by step. It is the worst tyranny in our society not only committed by your government, but also by the medical martial law puppets now showing themselves at all levels for what they really are – the people’s greatest enemy!


The world has many saviours

The majority of people have their conscious soul locked up in a mental prison, only connected for time, labour, and energy. Those people possess little or no freewill because they have neglected their awareness when necessary to use it. They keep acting like sheep, and never will break away from the madness. Wake up and stay firm to fight for your freedom, in a free world without dictatorship.



There is no single saviour of this world. There are many saviours and those saviours are us, the awake patriots, living in the fourth or even fifth dimension. When many people wake up en masse, the world is saved from the Criminal Satanic Deep State Cabal. Look at the world today; it is inspiring to see that this hidden dictatorial regime is being exposed and is falling apart.


President Trump is Q’s chosen Frontman

All that has happened in the past has been undertaken on such a massive scale that it seems almost incomprehensible, but as the old saying goes, “The best kept secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight.” Awake people living in the 5th or even higher dimensions are able to observe how much the Trump Team has accomplished so far in their three and a half years in office.


As is explained in part 1 of this article series, the Trump Team’s strategic action plan is carefully orchestrated by the most intellectual and clever individuals alive today. President Trump is their chosen Frontman in this unique battle. Without the mobilisation of such high-level cleverness and intelligence, this dangerous Deep State group could never be removed from planet Earth.


A chronological summary of all achievements made in the past three and a half years demonstrates that any comment made as, ‘President Trump is a tool of the Deep State’ is totally absurd and absolutely ridiculous. These criticisers apparently have little or no research undertaken or use compromised intel sources. To the contrary, President Donald Trump has confronted the Shadow Government known as the Deep State more than any other president in history.


Remember, all that is seen is manipulated illusion all over the world. Global finance, including banking, stock markets, currencies, etc., is simply a Deep State confidence trick. Today’s problems have been carefully planned and designed to steal our land, wealth and resources. And now the focus is on the seizure of our freedom through this fake Corona pandemic, accomplished by a small group of wealthy and privileged individuals bent on world domination.


How many awake people see today’s ongoing rare mask wearing imbecility? How many watch, point their fingers and laugh, or shake their heads in disbelief? Even more fascinating than the actual calamity unfolding before our very eyes is the reaction of the masses, the movers, the shakers and the intelligentsia. Curiously, the economic drop is so shocking that some people regard it as though it weren’t real. They think it is a “coincidence” caused by a virus, and not something caused by people themselves. They comfort themselves with mental agility, saying it is a 10-sigma event that doesn’t come along very often.


That’s why, despite the worst economy on record, stocks are still priced as if everything were normal, even better than normal. This economy has the largest amount of debt and deficits ever recorded in human history, and politicians still aim to spend more to support a bureaucratic system that is failing.


The Deep State and MSM are being cornered at every occasion by President Trump, which is educating the public one drop at a time. This is all part of the Q-plan; treason, sedition and crimes against humanity will collide and this is when the public realises what really was and is going on.


Strategic action plan unfolded

The downfall of the Deep State began at the National Security Agency (NSA) under directorship of Michael S. Rogers, a former United States Navy admiral and a true loyal Trump associate, and supporter by providing all necessary intel information required, concerning all Deep State puppets, their movements, associates and activities in past and real-time. Everything about everyone is known by the NSA as they spy on each person. Even the information obtained by Wikileaks is identified. So, it is known that the Corona crisis in combination with 5G was designed 50 years ago as the killer tool to eliminate up to 90% of the populace worldwide. To complete this operation, the Deep State had planned a 16-year regime, 8 years of Obama and 8 years of Hillary Clinton, to have 90% of the populace culled and put the rest in the New World Order prison. But Donald Trump ended up winning the 2016 election despite the Democrats had rigged the system in favour of Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s first step in cleaning out the White House mess was to install Bill Barr as his Attorney General. It was decided to bypass and cut off the CIA, as this agency is infected top down with Deep State puppets and too dangerous to handle. The CIA is a rogue agency that is owned and run by the 13 bloodline families. All of this will be exposed with the soon to come declassifications.


Before President Trump was inaugurated he was briefed in detail about everything of importance; in general he already knew the whole shebang. So everyone in his surrounding organisation was cleaned first.


Accomplished in first year in office 

In May 2017, Trump’s first visit abroad went to Saudi Arabia, the basis of the 13 bloodline families, to meet with the Crown Prince, one of Obama’s pals and the son of King Bin Salman. They are the first arm of the three arms of the Deep State pyramid, and a key supplier of young children for their Satanic Adrenochrome blood rituals. Adrenochrome, which is apparently made of the blood of young children who have been traumatised, is a drug that has been used by members of the Cabal because they believe that it has rejuvenating effects.


Shortly after Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince was arrested and removed. On the first day of this meeting, a complete compilation of documents, CDs and DVDs was handed over. On the second day the whole staff and family submitted themselves to Trump, which was demonstrated publicly with a photo opportunity where President Trump is in the centre holding the holy sword. In fact, Saudi Arabia handed over the keys to Trump, and showed that from thereon they were on his side. This was the first arm of the Deep State pyramid important to the completion of the Q action plan.


Saudi Arabia has been ruled since its foundation by the Al-Saud dynasty. King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud ascended the throne in January 2015 following the death of his half-brother, King Abdullah. He was Abdullah’s crown prince and had already taken on some of the ailing king’s responsibilities. In June 2017 after Trump’s visit, a new crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud (MBS) was installed, who is currently serving as the country’s deputy prime minister, and is also Chairman of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs, Chairman of the Council of Political and Security Affairs, and Minister of Defence. He was at the time 31 years old and the world’s youngest Executive in charge. He is described as the power behind the throne of his father, King Salman.


After Saudi Arabia, Trump went for his 2nd visit to Israel, which is the second arm of the Deep State pyramid. The Jews are not native people; they are not Zionist either. Genetically Jews come from all over the world. In short; Zionists are not Jews and Jews are not Zionists. All told about Jews is an illusion spread by the Phoenicians. When Trump arrived he laid on the table all the documentation, CDs, DVDs, etc. Every minute detail was included, to be studied by Netanyahu and his staff.


It is important to know that Netanyahu works for Mossad and has been instigating perpetual war in the Middle East, which is essential to create havoc so that Adrenochrome bloodthirsty Deep State Cabal puppets are able to steal children to satisfy their desires. In addition to child trafficking and murder, another sickening plan is to kill all of us through 5G towers. The Deep State Cabal have opened up a modern Silk Road for fulfilling global Adrenochrome demand from their production centre in Wuhan, China which also involves the shipping, torture and murder of billions of innocent children globally.


The next day in Israel, after playing hardball Netanyahu and comrades finally capitulated, and were ordered to agree on a peace deal with Saudi Arabia, which meanwhile has been signed. It has been symbolically demonstrated by the move from the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and was a confirmation that Trump had taken down Israel.


This visit was followed by a third visit to the Vatican in Rome, the third arm of the pyramid. Trump again handed over a folder with all the documentation, including all the proofs. Included were documents to be signed. The following day they capitulated, by putting the Pope under the control of President Trump. The implication was that the Federal Reserve Central Bank before controlled by the Jesuits, who are the real mafia in the church, were out now. Handing over the control of the Vatican Bank to President Trump, effectively made him the exchequer of planet Earth. With this move the Rothschilds’ legs were cut off; their influence via the City of London and financial institutions has finished. These Rothschild people are atrociously evil, and they too are controlled by the Phoenicians.


With these three moves the three main pillars of the Global Pyramid Structure were from thereon under the control of President Trump.


The next stop was in Brussels to meet the EU and NATO. This meeting was called by President Trump, and everyone involved was present. He let them sweat it out by deliberately arriving late to the meeting. Then he put all the big folders on the table, to play hardball with EU staff. After reading the folders through the night, the next day they all capitulated, NATO included. To symbolise their submission, they all agreed to pay for NATO instead of having it be exclusively financed by the USA that already had decided to stop funding NATO any longer. With the photo session afterwards, Trump took centre stage to show the world he had taken control and is in charge in Brussels; he effectively owns the EU and NATO.


In October 2018, the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman went to Las Vegas to meet with President Trump, assuring him that he wanted to do anything Trump requested. So, he went to visit all CEOs of the multinational companies, like Apple, Microsoft, Esso, Shell, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. to show them their personal documentation accrued by the Trump Team. The message given to these companies was clear: they would either play for Trump or else their information would be declassified.

The Asian Capitulation

Later on in November 2017 Trump made his trip to Asia, and went first to Japan. After the presentation of folders, DVDs, and CDs with all the evidence, the next day Abe and his crew capitulated for total submission to the Trump Team.


The next stop on this trip was South Korea to obtain capitulation and submission from President Moon, added with the condition to stop the supply of children for Satanic blood rituals. Further they were forced to support Trump’s peace talks with North Korea and to duly sign the upcoming peace treaty.


Thereafter in China President Trump met President Xi Pin where he was received with open arms. This was the second meeting with President Xi during Trump’s presidency to finalise a huge deal to kick out the Rothschild supported communists. This important information was totally ignored by the mainstream media. The first meeting had occurred shortly after his inauguration in January 2017, when Xi came to meet Trump privately in his Mar a Lago resort in Florida. The second meeting took place in China’s Forbidden City at Trump’s request.


China’s capitulation to Trump, which really is the biggest achievement in Trump’s presidency. China really wanted to be freed from the communists as these people are horrifying. Because it was never mentioned in the mainstream media, at this moment in time very few people likely understand the importance of this achievement. Telling the truth has often led to backlash attempts to keep people insulated from it. But with each day more and more people are recognising that the mainstream media has lost credibility, and are turning away from it and searching for answers from different sources. The truth will come out in the end, and people will be able to understand all of it. Meanwhile, President Xi has launched an historic purge against China’s ‘Deep State’.


Unity gives Power

With each shutdown, closure of a small business, mask mandate, social distancing requirement, limitation of crowd size, forced temperature test, travel restriction, and forced corona test that is known to produce inaccurate results, we are rapidly heading towards the total destruction of our freedom. Every loss of a job or license as a result of a worker or professional questioning or speaking out against the official narrative, every act of social media censorship, every church that stops assembling, and every attempt to disrupt your ability to earn a living, shop, bank, worship, recreate, socialise or engage in free enterprise simply destroys your joy of life, which is all a blatant dictatorial assault against our Liberty.


These are not mere inconveniences. These are deliberate, disgusting, destructive, oppressive, draconian, demonic and damnable attacks against our Liberty. How long are we going to continue tolerating this? When will we say “enough is enough” and take back our power?


Unity gives power. People who are awake want to meet other awake people, without masks, for the reason that we together are stronger, and will defeat the Deep State cabal more easily. And, this is going to happen, because this liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded creates and shapes our best reality. A large group has been around for several months in Marbella / Malaga, you can join by registering via email. Meetings and lectures are regularly organised.


And it is important to know; Sweden is winning the COVID-19 war with no lockdowns, low deaths and minimal economic damage. It is encouraging to see that in Sweden, coronavirus deaths have declined nearly to zero. And since the country’s economy has remained open this whole period, there is little risk of resurgence when whatever minimal restrictions still in place are finally lifted.


Finally, please don’t forget to put up your national flag showing the world you are awake. The more flags out show that the cabal are losing their grip of power over us. A recent Berlin protest against the fake COVID pandemic gathered 1.2 million followers! Another protest last Sunday created a group of 1.000 awake followers! Make no mistake, we are winning this hard-fought war against our freedom.


In the next issue, Part 3 of this three-part series of articles, we will conclude our report on the achievements during Donald Trump’s presidency. If you found this information interesting, helpful, or insightful, please share it with your friends and help wake them up. You can also check out Peter’s books “The Great Awakening” Parts 1 and 2, available through Amazon. The link to purchase the books as well as many other Great Awakening articles can be found at the Final Wakeup Call website at The faster that people awaken, the sooner we will experience the liberation of planet Earth, and gain true prosperity and freedom. Please stay tuned for which you could subscribe, as there is much more enlightening information to follow!